The perfection of anatomy and
the infinite creative universe

Red Kraniet is a Venezuelan brand that is inspired by the skulls, a theme that has accompanied the human being in different historical contexts and that has acquired many meanings, but that for us is a way of expressing that, after all, human beings we are the same inside.

Our skulls and other pieces are made by hand, and are conceived as a unique being. as if it were a person who asks to have a space in our world and meet his owner.

That is why, in our collections, there are no identical pieces.


L’Piojo is the creator of each of our Kraniet. An artist who, from the age of six, was fascinated by dark skulls and themes.

For him, terror, rather than an issue that generates uneasiness, is an unlimited space in which aesthetics and imagination meet to make everything possible, without rules. That irreverence, lacking in parameters and beyond the moral question, is his fantasy world.

Born illustrator, almost all his works of art begin on paper, if not, between his fingers, in the feeling of the piece or as he says “Waiting for the piece to speak to me”.

“I like things well done, when I’m going to create a piece, it’s a need that my brain, my body, my hands, everything asks of me, and when I start working it’s as if I unconsciously dialogue with it to see what it wants to be, what materials would need, the colors and personality”